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Angola Fishing Tour



Angola is the seven-largest country in Africa and it is bordered by Namibia to the south , Congo to the north , Zambia to the east and the Atlantic ocean to the west .

The country has different climates, landscapes and cultures. You will find the desert at the western part next to the cold Benquela Sea, tropical forests, high mountains, open plains and wide beaches. The Portuguese culture is still very strong and Portuguese is the language everyone speaks. The country is stocked with amazing natural and historical treasures.

Independence was achieved during 1975 under a communist one-party state backed by the Soviet Union and Cuba. Most of the Portuguese people left the country as the country descended into a long civil war that lasted until 2002.

Angola has vast mineral and petroleum reserves and it’s economy is among the fastest growing in the world, in spite of this the standard of living remains low for the majority of the population.

Luanda is the capital and total population is 25.8 million. Total area of the country is 1,246,700 km2. You drive on the right in this country and the currency is the Kwanza.

Angola has three seasons; dry season from May to October, transitional season with some rain from November to January and a hot, raining season from February to April.


Day 1

We all meet at Eha Lodge in Ruacana, there are chalets and good camping facilities available. We fill our vehicles with fuel and get whatever you still need because tomorrow morning we will leave for the border post as early as possible. The accommodation is for your own account.

Facilities: Chalets and Camping

Day 2

After breakfast we leave for the border post 21km east of Ruacana. If all your papers are in order it will not take long and then we are on the road (bad road) north east towards Xangongo, where we will get onto the tar road towards Lubango. The tar roads are in good condition with couple of police stops.  It will take a while to negotiate the traffic and bad roads in Labango . The Monumento do Christo Rei keeps a watchful eye over the city of Lubango , it is 30 meters high and a smaller version of the one in Rio de Janerio and Lisbon.

We will stop at the spectacular Leba Pass, this is something to see and experience. The road makes it way down with 12 hairpin bends, the decent is 1845 m down to sea level. The pass was design by a Portuguese women and sadly she died the same year it was completed. From here it is down all the way to Namibe, quite a big town found in 1840 by the Portuguese Colonial administration , also a big harbour with lots of activities around. At Namibe we will visit the Shopright Supermarket where you will be stunned, a beautiful place in the middle of a very poor town, get what we need. From here we go south and book in at Flamingo Lodge, the lodge is situated in a scenic setting on the beach near the mouth of the Dos Flamingo River where we will stay for the next 2 nights. Dinner will be served.

Facilities: Hot showers and toilets

Distance: 480 km

Day 3

Flamingo Lodge and fishing

Facilities:  Hot showers and toilets

Day 4

We depart south to Tomba, fill up with fuel and just before town we turn left into the desert and dunes. We will enter the Lona National Park, the biggest in Angola, pay permits to enter and continue south . We will pass the wreck of the Vanessa Seafood that ran ashore on its maiden voyage. We put up camp just before the well known Death Acre “Doodsakker” and stay there for another two nights. Fishing in this area is good.

Facilities: Camping behind the dunes, not far from the sea.

Distance: 134 km

Day 5

Same place, next to the sea in the dunes

Facilities: Camping behind the dunes, not far from the sea.

Day 6

All depends on the tide but the goal is to negotiate the “Doodsakker” and set up camp on the other side close to the Kunene mouth. The Death Acre is a technical stretch of beach driving that can only be driven during low tide. It is here were the dunes run perpendicularly into the sea. Fishing for Kabeljou in this area is excellent. An amazing sight awaits you where the Cunene River meets the ocean, Foz du Cunene. On the other side you will see the big dunes of Namibia that ends on the banks of the river. The lagoon is very rich in birdlife. Dinner and lots of talk, the big one that got away !

Facilities: Camping on the beach.

Distance: 95km

Day 7

We return through the “Doodsakker” back north again past Tombua, Flamingo Lodge and Namibe. Our aim is to do some fishing for “Leervis” and “Elve” north of Namibe. We will camp next to the sea and enjoy the abundance of fish. We will camp here for three nights.

Facilities: Camping on the beach

Distance: 269 km

Day 8

Same place –  Fishing

Facilities: Camping on the beach

Day 9

Same Place – Fishing

Facilities: Camping on the beach.

Day 10

After coffee and rusks we leave early for Lubango on our way back home. We will reach Ruacana easy before sunset and these who want to leave Angola through the border post at Oshikango are more than welcome. At the border it is the sad goodbyes and this is the end of our trip, drive safe home. I hope the memories of the trip will sat a long time and till we meet again.

Distance: 480 km


  • Breakfast and dinner daily
  • Camping fees
  • Park entrance fees
  • Two-way VHF radios
  • Experienced guides in own vehicles


  • Transport
  • Fuel
  • Travel insurance and vehicle insurance
  • Lunch, drinks, cool drinks, snacks and drinking water
  • Own camping gear
  • Own shower
  • Own water when camping for shower
  • Own personal medication
  • Fishing gear and bait

Please arrange own coverage in case of travel and medical insurance including emergency evacuation in case of a accident or other.


  • Will be announced soon

You are also more than welcome to decide on any date not on our program with your own group of friends / fellow adventures.

Rates 2019






16 years and older

12 to 16 years

06 to 12 years

02 to 06 years

00 to 02 years

N$ 12,900 per person

N$ 10,400 per person

N$ 8,900 per person

N$ 4,500 per person

N$ Free of charge


This tour operate with the minimum of 18 clients, if less the price will be adjusted. The maximum number of participants will be limited and Westcoast 4×4 do have the right to change dates and program of the tour if necessary.

Bookings are essential

When a booking is confirmed a 50% deposit will be required. Final payment is due 30 days before departure.


Important Note:

Put your own exclusive tour together with dates and itinerary that suit your schedule.  Contact us with your details and we will be more than happy to accommodate you.

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